About Us

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Welcome to CRAFTIMUS Industries Pakistan

5 Years of experience in producing Luxurious Crafts 

We are leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Himalayan Salt Products, Onyx & Marble Handicrafts and Lapis Lazuli Handicrafts , Brass Crafts  from Pakistan .

CRAFTIMUS aims to provide their customers finest quality products with premium packaging and  on time delivery of goods. We made every product with all the love and passion . Our goal and mission is to  provide our customers the best products in moderate prices.

We don’t compromise for quality. Quality and moderate price is our commitment .

Customer Satisfaction is the only thing that we want from our customers. To satisfy our customers for quality , we are working day and night to provide the products to fulfill the desires of our customers.

CRAFTIMUS is working to established relationship with customers, in which customer satisfaction should be our priority in this business.

Trust CRAFTIMUS to get the finest quality products .